Ariane Bingham Sparkles x Bellisa X Clothing Photoshoot

Snuggle puddle girl gang shoot ariane bingham sparkles

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As everyone knows by now I’ve recently got back from a huge trip overseas. I returned to my homeland, England a place I’ve not been back for nearly 3 years, having favoured a trip to Burning Man and starting my business last year.

But it was time! There was a family wedding to return home to (which I have to say was stunning- it was held in Camden and the reception was in an awesome London pub!), so heading over in the month of May was beyond my control.

It’s a lovely time in the U.K. in May... if the seasons are playing correctly, there’s always an abundance of flowers around and people out cutting their grass for what seems to be the first time in months for most, and this year didn’t disappoint.

Sprnig had spring in England

~ Spring had spring in England

For this trip though I made the decision that if I was going to go that far, I wanted to do something I’d never done before... network and reach out, connect and grow. I got it in my mind that I wanted to work as well as holiday, and set to it... but how? What was that going to look like? and how could that be possible to arrange from so far away?

I’m going to share with you a few of my experiences along the way over a series of posts... but for today it’s the arranging of a super cute photo shoot collaboration that manifested with Bellisa X Clothing.

I’d been pondering plans, thinking about how awesome it would be to connect with some U.K. brands, labels and designers when one day a message popped into my Instagram inbox. It was from the owner and designer of the brand Bellisa X, and she had seen my bio update stating I was heading over.

We got chatting and both felt our brands and outlooks on things aligned, so we committed to doing a shoot together. We kind of had the idea to do it outdoors, and I said I’d bring some of my sequin pieces as she doesn’t make sequin clothing, and that was the majority of what we planned in advance, pretty much until I arrived in the U.K.!

While in Melbourne I had been thinking of how good it would be to be able to take a model with me also, so not to put everything onto the shoulders of Isabella... and one day it manifested! A dear friend, someone who has previously modelled for me realised her travel dates worked perfectly to be in the U.K. at the same time and suggested coming along on the trip. The power of positive thinking and setting intentions- I’m a firm believer that sometimes we just have to ‘put things out there’ and see if they get picked up!!!

To get to the shoot we hired a huge 4x4 for our road trip- which was super lucky as we defiantly didn’t have a shortage of luggage between us. I’d been telling people for weeks the shoot was to be in Bristol, and hopped in the car to drive over- only to find we were to head to Bath. Oops! (I've never claimed to be amazing at geography) Lucky they are actually pretty close together and not opposite ends of the country!

Bath town centre

~Bath Town Centre in the evening

Arriving at Bellisa X HQ - we pulled up at the most beautiful home, and there waiting inside we’re 2 make up artists (@issieosmant_makeup and @sophiajasmin.mua) and an additional 2 models (@bonthelegend and @phoebehwhite) who we were going to work with for the Day. Bella had been an absolute legend in arranging them!

Hair and Make up for Ariane Bingham Shoot

While hair and make up commenced we headed to her studio to arrange the garments and the styling we were going to be doing. Having not arranged this before leaving Auss (lesson learnt!), I’d prepped and packed endless options, and proceeded to explode the contents of my suitcase all over Bellas beautiful studio. We decided to style each outfit as a mix and match of our two brands, both realising we’ve been making pieces using suspended clips but in our own yummy unique ways.

The outfits were completed with jewellery by Lelash (Sydney), Easy Tiger Designs (Melbourne) and Pom Poms For Days (UK), together with gems from Shine Shack (UK) and stockings from Primark (UK) - a real global mixing pot of creative yummies! and finally, we decided that barefoot would work as the location we were using was a caravan.

English country side shoot location

~ The weather was super grey and raining, so we had to re-think and pick an indoor location to shoot

We arrived at the shoot location, a caravan, with a boot full of garments and props, and set to work to create a festival vibe inside it. We decided we wanted to encapsulate the times between dancing when your back at camp hanging out and preparing for the next adventure... and I think that Tula Price, our photographer really managed to capture that concept with the use of the camera!

Tula Price shooting Ariane Bingham photoshoot

behind the sceenes ariane bingham sparkles

The pictures and the memory of this day will last forever, and I'm really grateful to have been able to take an idea and make it a reality. Through doing this we've managed to prove again that the world really isn't that big, and that if you set your mind to something, anything truly is possible! I can't wait to see where this new friendship takes us in the future!

competition for ariane bingham sparkles and bellisa x

If you've liked the garments in this blog, we're currently running a competition to win a set, as I brought home the yummy top to Australia with me and will be gifting matching shorts! To be in with a chance to win, click here! (Competition is run through Instagram, winner pays postage if located outside of Australia).

~~To see the full photo set from this shoot please click here~~

With Sparkles, as always




PS.... after the long shoot day we headed to the Therme Hot springs in Bath and I HIGHLY recommend going if you ever get the chance ... I wore a Cara wrap top and Ellen bottoms <3 

Arane Bingham Relaxing at Therme hotsprings

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