RAW Melbourne - August 2017


4 models wearing the carnival sparkly collection at RAW Melbourne

Spring has sprung, and how amazing it is! 

I'm in a bubble of excitement and sleep depravity at the moment as the last 8 weeks have been relentlessly amazing - in all the good ways ❤ 


It was the beginning of winter, things were quiet and I was contacted by RAW Australia to be part of their upcoming show. I happily accepted due to thinking that there wasn't too much happening at the moment and that I'd be able to work through winter to create the new collection. It was very exciting as it was the first time that Sparkles were going to dance their way down the catwalk. During the initial conversation with RAW I also arranged to show my second label  The Lioness and Her Unicorns too, as one show didn't feel like enough of a challenge... (or that's what I like to tell myself!) 


What I've since learnt, is that best-laid plans don't always go to plan! The 1st of June arrived and with it a new batch of orders for the Oregon Eclipse and Burning Man. With this still being the first year of me running my studio and working this way, I hadn't realised how many amazing orders I was going to receive - keep an eye out for an upcoming blog post with information of some of the costumes and outfits that I made for it. 


So, on I went with an amazing July, sewing away and creating, designing and sourcing, pattern making and garment fittings. Through many sleepless nights and unwavering support from my friends and family, the CARNIVAL Sparkles collection was born. The concept behind this collection is that I wanted to show that anybody, any shape or size, skin colour or body shape can come to The Den and leave with an outfit that they love, and feel incredible wearing. Each outfit was designed for the individual, while also showcasing some of my more popular shapes and designs from this year.


There were 8 models and 12 outfits in total, and I couldn't be prouder of everyone involved. Each of them there for their own reasons together created something phenomenal. They strutted their stuff, danced, posed, danced like Kylie and shimmied their Sparkles in their own unique ways. 


The creative team on the day were Adelle from @deadberryfx, Ruzhitsa from @hairbyruzhitsa and jewellery from @easy.tiger.designs. This combination of girl power truly was the best finishing touches to the garments that I could have hoped for.


The Photographer and videographer crew were world class. Working with @nushinspace, @lobogerry@tacticphotography and @red_ram_productions were as smooth sailing as I could ever have asked for. This team really know how to work with the models and bring together lasting memories from the day. 


Below is a peek at some of the garments from the collection. If you like any and want more information they are available in my 'Whats New' Shop section of this site.


I really hope you enjoy the collection as much as I did making it. Which outfit did you like the most? Which one is on your wish list? If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm always happy to help.


With Sparkles,




Shavae Flavour at RAW Melbourne August 2017

The Missy Jacket and The Miss Jade Bodysuit


Helly Hoops At RAW Melbourne August 2017

The Helly All in one Sequin suit 


 Scarlett Roae at RAW Melbourne August 2017

The Scarlet Bolero, Sara Bodysuit and Mad Dame Hood 


The Bea Top, Jaimee Short and Honey Kimono


The Mikey Hoodie and Dave Trouser 


The Annie Waistcoat and Marnie Short 


The Shavae Jacket and underneath the Soraya Top and Jaimee Short


The Mikey Dungaree and Mesh Top with The Mad Dame Hood


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