Eco Bali - Why it resonates with our Eco Swimwear

Eco Bali - Why it resonates with our Eco Swimwear 

Part 1

Bali is an incredible place – its full of magic and promise. I love the juxtaposition of the modern and old world, culture and digital, sealed road and unpaved paths. The smell of the spices cooking, the friendly smiles on the local's faces and the kindness in their hearts.

 sunset in Bali by the beach

When I went over to shoot the swimwear, I hadn’t actually visited before – but the opportunity presented itself, and who am I to say no! The shoot was incredible, as were my travel companions, but it’s the discovery of this special land that’s equally stolen my heart and is helping to shape the future of me as a designer and my brands.

dragon temple in bali

The location of the shoot was predominantly in a hotel called Katamama. It’s the resort attached to Potato Head, the well-known beach bar located in Seminyak. Upon hearing this it would be easy to presume that they are one of the biggest polluters on the island but I was exceptionally excited to see some of the systems they have put into place to not only highlight the problems of single-use plastics in Bali but to make changes to ensure that they are as a resort doing their best to have the smallest footprint possible on the island.


Things that stood out to me were:

  • Bamboo and Plastic-free straws – there is huge movement across Bali to cut down on single-use plastics, and this is one of the easiest ways for all bars and restaurants to implement. Saying no to straws when offered them #refusethestrawer is a movement gaining speed, and seeing a natural alternative was great

plastic free strawer in bali


  • They dye all of their fabrics (bedding/robes etc) using natural dyes. Local artisans do this for then, so the geographical footprint of these items is also kept to a minimum while ensuring work is provided to local people
  • They run workshops on sustainability with the people from #greenvillage. They help to educate on building with natural materials and train artisan techniques for doing so


green vilage bali

  • They have a huge installation out the front which is made from old thongs (flip flops – not the lingerie type) that have been collected from the local beach. It really helps to highlight how much waste humans leave on the beach if they were able to collect this many shoes for the art display!

flip flop instalation katamama

  • The teepee installation at the front of the hotel's lobby is created from Single-use plastics, and is to highlight that the resort does not allow patrons to bring single-use plastic onto the site – they do bag checks and make you check in your water to collect when you leave!

teepee at katamama

  • Katamama is currently creating a new hotel next door, which is set to be made from recycled plastics too. They have a plastic recycling plant on site in which I was able to chat with the man working inside it. He was telling me that they are melting the plastics down, combining it with sand from the beach and hand pressing it into bricks which will be used for the entrance walkway into the new hotel. I find that pretty amazing! He was also telling me that at this stage they are not able to recycle toilet paper, and are looking for options for what to use the old till receipts for too… watch this space for more developments

Sustanism lab at potato head

sustain lab katamama


To summarise, having made a collection of Swimwear which was handmade using recycled plastics pulled from the ocean and then regenerated into beautiful luxurious hand feel garments, Katamama and Bali feel to us, to be the perfect home for us to shoot and spread the word.

Bali does have a problem with single-use plastics (see future blog post’s) but you can also see changes happening and the country is starting to reclaim its natural beauty.

Together we all make the change, and its beginning to happen now.

As always, please do not hesitate to make comments below or send a message to us if you would like any more information or to discuss this in more details

With Love

The Lioness – Ariane x





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