New Brand Name and End of 2020 Sales!

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2020 has brought with it many twists and turns, and at times it’s felt like it would never end, and that we may not make it through. But we did... together. Our own battles have been hard and never ending but somehow we got to the festive season and are only a blink away from 2021
While Ariane has been quiet online, she’s been working away to put a few big changes into place. One that is a huge transition for her is the move from Melbourne to the Shoalhaven. A spot on the East coast of Australia, around 2hr south of Sydney. This move has meant that the studio and showroom in Melbourne have both been closed, and the workroom is now in her brand new home. This has been a crazy ride, but one that is now feeling almost complete. It was an emotional experience packing up the Melbourne studios, but Ariane needed to make some changes
Along with the relocation there has been a lot of thoughts put into how Ariane can streamline things going forwards, for both her work flow and for you as a customer. So she’s been working on a Re-Brand, combined with the merging of all her design areas and online information being available to you on one site. This is around 50% complete, as it’s a much bigger job than she ever imagined, but it’s coming together bit by bit
Ariane has chosen the name Ariane Sparkles going forwards to streamline things, having said that, the original websites of and will all be redirected to this new home. The new website will launch soon, but for now it’s an evolution of the sparkles site that we are working with
Going forwards Ariane is really excited to be working on her swimwear collection, and has a stunning colour pallet of fabrics about to arrive to create with for you
To set things up and shape the direction of her work going forwards, Ariane has decided to have a HUGE clearance sale of many items on the site- they are in the SALE section of the site and are reduced by up to 80%! The items are priced to clear and will not be repeated, so please snap them up if there is something that has caught your eyes!
ariane sparkles sale info
Along with the huge sale on the sale section of the site, we have some other promotions for you too!
1. Mix and match 2 pieces from the ‘Sparkly Garments’ and ‘mask’ sections of the site to recive one of your choice for free... that’s 3 garments for the price of two- and its automatically arranged at the checkout for you!
Ariane Sparkles Mask promotion sale promo information for ariane sparkles
2. Save 15% on handmade to order swimwear. Use the code SewnInJan at the checkout to bring the price of your items down!
Sale on wimwear image promo
For more information about any of this, please get intouch
We thank you truly for your support through 2020. Ariane has felt the feels and had her world literally turned upside down by the bush fires and them covid, so we’re hoping these new changes can stand us in good stead for re holding and growing in a new direction in these coming months
Keep safe and well
The sparkles team

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