Rainbow Serpent **Sparkle Gang** Photoshoot - ALL WELCOME!!

Sparkle gang photoshoot

How exciting that it’s the time of year to announce the Rainbow Serpent Photoshoot!!!!

It’s now firmly wedged its way onto the Sparkles calendar, having begun in 2017 and grown exponentially in 2018... I’m excited to see what we create together in 2019!!

How it works:
I'm inviting everyone that has garment or outfit made by me to come along and have some professional photos taken in your outfits. Style them your way!
Wear them with the accessories, shoes, make up and props that you pictured them being worn with when we put the outfit together! Be it a body suit that you add all the bells and whistles to or a full outfit we’ve crafted not to need any more touches... all work amazingly for this shoot! If your a performer who has the outfit for using poi, a hoop or a staff, bring those too!

It’s about being your colourful selves and celebrating your uniqueness while wearing pieces from the Ariane Bingham Sparkles brand!

Following last year’s success, I’m going to stick with having it on the Friday at 2pm, at the Pier which is to the left of the main stage (if your looking at the stage)

It's completely free for you, and designed as a way of me gifting back to you, my loyal clients!

So... what's to do? Arrive with your outfit on, be part of the big group shots (which we do first) and then stay for individual pictures if you would like to. The results are so special and a whole lot of fun! You get to meet fellow #Sparklegang clients and have a laugh at the same time!

Note: it doesn't have to be an outfit ordered for rainbow specifically, it can be any items you have ordered/had made from me under the name 'Ariane Bingham Sparkles'. It can be custom pieces or stock... 😘😘😘

For more information please click this link to be taken to the Facebook Event:


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