Welcome to 2019

Welcome to 2019 

Happy New Year Everyone, With Love from The Lioness <3 

Having grown up in the UK, it still seems strange to me sometimes that we begin the year with sun shining on our skin in Melbourne. The school summer holidays are in full swing, the festival season is well and truly upon us, people playing in swimming pools and adventuring to the beach. Spending as much time as possible outdoors, and eating salads for dinner! It’s such a contrast to the cold days of childhood, the shorter day light hours and spending most of my time indoors eating roast dinners.

This time of year can mean so many things for different people. It can be a time of family, friendship and celebration, maybe even a vacation from work or life. It can also be one that brings challenges for many, memories and experiences can tarnish how one feels. I hope whichever boat you sit in, that the year ahead fills you with excitement and offers you prospects that motivate you in one way or another.

Something else that can become a topic at this time of year is New Years Resolutions. I’ve lost count of the amount I’ve set in the past, and majoritivley failed at keeping. Loosing weight used to be my number 1, every year. Sigh. This year I’ve decided not to make a resolution, but to pick a word of the year. Its something that a friend mentioned to me last year and it really struck a chord. It’s a word you take with you through the year, almost as a little guiding light through situations. For example, my friend wants to say ‘YES’ more this year. This could be if a friend asks them to go for dinner, a manager offers them work they don’t know how to do… and so on. They will carry the word YES as a reminder that this year they want to be more open to opportunity and situations. My word for the year is going to be ‘Present’. I’ll let you know through the year how its going for me 😊

On a business front, I feel full of gratitude that as a brand, The Lioness and Her Unicorns is now offering our swimwear - perfect for this time of year. Throughout the Festive break it’s made my heart sing so much to see clients and customers sharing photos of them wearing our garments on their summer adventures - be it overseas, to the local pool or at home in the garden! (please tag #thelionessandherunicorns if you share any too)

I feel incredibly honoured to be continuing the journey of working with individuals to ensure they feel comfortable in their bodies, and to have the swimwear as an additional offering to the lingerie, corsetry and loungewear.

The studio will be re-opening from January 8th, any outstanding orders will be completed and sent out that week,  our order book will also be re-open. We have limited stock of fabrics until the suppliers re-open closer to the end of January, so I will be compiling a waiting list of new orders to complete - if you need yours urgently please get in touch once we re-open, I can advise which fabrics there is in stock right now

Once again, wishing you a healthy, happy and prosperous new year. Hoping it brings for you more of what you want, a lot of what you need and as few challenges as possible

Much Love,

The Lioness - Ariane xx

 Ariane enjoying New Years wearing Eco Recycled Plastic Swimwear



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