Ariane's Bridal and Couture

Ariane’s Couture wedding dresses and evening gowns will make finding your perfect dress so much easier, by allowing your unique vision to come to life.  It sure beats trawling the shops, becoming disheartened by boutiques not stocking your size or style! 

Your dress will be unique, one of a kind. and developed especially with you and your figure in mind. No one else will ever have worn your dress, and no one else will ever have your dress made for them. Your dress will be as unique as you and your relationship.  

Ariane works to keep the process as simple as possible, taking your dreams into consideration while combining them with her years of technical garment knowledge to create your dream outfit(s). 

All our bridal and evening wear outfits are pattern made, hand cut, stitched and hand finished on the South Coast of Australia. 

If you’re not looking for a traditional white puffy gown, but still want to feel delectably “bridal” on your special day, you’ve found the right designer to help you. Non-traditional is Ariane’s specialty! And if you’re looking for a cohesive wedding theme, why not consider commissioning her to create outfits for the whole bridal party? Your bridesmaids, groom, and groomsmen should all look and feel as good as you.  

How it works: 

Step 1: 

It starts with a conversation. Get in touch with Ariane and let her know your vision, whether it’s refined and ready or just a vibe and a glimpse of inspiration. You are more than welcome to leave space for her to fill out your design with her creativity and practicality, and your style in mind. Sometimes what you ask for may not be possible, but Ariane will work with you every step of the way until you’ve co-created the dress of your dreams. 

Step 2:  

Meet in person or via Zoom (depending on your location). Please bring to the meeting any inspiration or mood boards, reference images or garments that you would like to be included. It is often helpful if you have already tried on a couple of wedding dresses elsewhere to have a feel for what you will be comfortable in. Your measurements will be taken in this meeting. 

Step 3: 

Ariane begins to source and cost components and fabrics that will fill your brief. From here a quote for the price is created for you to review. 

Step 4: 

The patterns are made, the fabrics and trims are ordered, and the toile (first practice garment) comes to life in calico. This garment is then fitted to you, and is pinched, tucked, pleated, folded and manipulated. This fitting will reveal if you need to move away from the initial concept if the overall proportions are not quite right for your figure. It is here that the garment really starts to take shape, developing to work perfectly with your body.  

Step 5: 

Once the toile(s) are finalised, Ariane will make the relevant amendments to the patterns and begin to cut the final cloth, right here in our South Coast Australia Studio. It is at this stage that the design is ‘locked in’ and further styling changes cannot be made… it is here that your dream dress really comes alive. 

Step 6: 

A fitting takes place and the finishing touches (often hand stitching / beading) commence to ensure that your couture wedding dress is completed to the highest standard. 

Are you ready to take the first step? 

If so, please use the 'Get Intouch’ section of the website, email Ariane at or send a text to 0426264546 requesting a call back!