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Mad Dame in Bree Bodysuit at Uluru



Use one of the options here to get in touch! We'd LOVE to know what you think of the website, the garments, the blog... 

Custom orders are currently only being placed for bridal wear, lingerie, evening wear and celebrities

If your an Instagram or Social Media Influencer, Photographer, Videographer, Accessories Designer (the list goes on!) and you want to discuss using our garments for a shoot you are also welcome to get in touch!

Don't forget, as I stated in Ariane's bio - if she believes in a project, she will do what she can to make it become a reality! 

We hope your having a great day and can't wait to hear your questions and thoughts 

With Sparkles xxx 


Email Address:

Phone: +61 426 264 546

Studio Address: We have relocated to the South Coast of NSW.

2 Hours south of Sydney. Address on request, as required


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