Mystique of the Sea

All mermaids welcome!

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Ariane believes that everybody should feel joyful in the sea (or pool, or lake, or river, or ocean of glitter, or… you get the idea). So we make swimwear that makes the most of everybody; with suits to celebrate every curve, mood and adventure. And if you don’t see your size or shape represented? Contact us – we offer a bespoke service to ensure that no booty goes unadorned.   

Ariane caters for everything. No bust? No problem. Maximum bust? We have you covered, secured and waterpark tested. Big booty? We've got your back, girl.


Our collection is made from the latest technology in eco-fabric. It is created from recycled fishing lines (so you are effectively saving the sea while you are stealing hearts. WIN-WIN) and clothing, but is super soft and supple to the touch. Swoon. All pieces are fully lined to give you reliable coverage and choosing the quick-dry fabric will help you go from the sea to the street with style. 


Our collection is inspired by the sea – and the legends of the irresistible creatures who seduced the feint and bold-hearted alike. Find yourself in our oceanic allegories…


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The Sirens are five sea nymphs (part woman and part bird) who lure nearby sailors into the depths with the sweet, intoxicating sound of their song.

You are probably a Siren if…

  • You love the stars of the silver screen

  • You are drawn to classic shapes that don’t date

  • You like solid colours, whether you are matchy-matchy or dare to mix it up

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Nixie Swimwear

The Nixie is the shapeshifting water spirit of Norwegian and Scandinavian folklore, commonly appearing in an intoxicatingly beautiful human form.

You could be a Nixie if…

  • You love the excitement of sheer mesh panels

  •  You enjoy the functionality and drama of a zip

  • You are a little bit sporty and a little bit luxe

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Amphitrite Swimwear

The sea-nymph, Amphitrite, needed only to dance for the God Poseidon to fall desperately in love with her. He used his dolphin to win her heart and celebrated the success by aligning the stars.  

You belong on the dancefloor with Amphitrite if…

  • You just can’t help being a little bit sexy

  • You love lace-up details that give a sneak


    of what lies beneath

  • Your friend’s idea of ‘extra’ is what you wear to the supermarket on a Tuesday

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The nymph is a mythological spirit of nature, imagined as a beautiful maiden inhabiting river's, woods, or other beautiful locations.

You would identify as a nymph if…

  • You want to look so jaw-droppingly, elegantly amazing that complete strangers ask you about your bathers

  • You want a single piece that you can wear an infinite number of


    because you never grew out of playing dress ups and besides, who doesn’t want to look unique AF (also, good for the budget – bonus)

  • You are so indecisive and indulgent that you would like to order ‘one of everything’ from the menu

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The water sprite is said to be able to breathe both water and air – and are sometimes said to be able to fly. They are divine and ethereal creatures, linked to elves and faeries.         

You are destined to be a sprite if…

  • The words ‘limited edition lace bomber jacket’ make your wings perk up

  • You want a beach and poolside cover-up that makes you look elegantly gangster and incites instant jealousy in the sarong-wearing community

  • You kind of want to be able to say, ‘I know, it’s killer, isn’t it? I’d give you the details, but this design was


    limited. They only made 20 of them because the lace was so exclusive.’

  • If you miss out you might cry (or cast a spell)

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