Ordering a Custom Garment

Kitten le bow wearing handmade lace dress
Thank you for having a look at our information page on ordering a custom garment.  
Here we will try to answer some questions you may have about how it all works and what we do! If at any time you would like a specific question answering please feel free to hit the 'Get Intouch' button on the menu
Ariane currently accepting custom orders?
The short answer is no, not at the moment. 
The longer explanation is that due to Covid Ariane has re-located to the South Coast of Australia. At this time she is now focusing on her made to order (swimwear) and stock pieces (Sparkles). That doesn't mean she wont be creating custom pieces again in the future - but it does mean for now that you get to enjoy her made to order and stock pieces! She will contact everyone on her email list when custom orders open again, and via social media 

Custom Orders and How they work? 

Do I need to know what I want from Ariane before contacting her? 
Well, its always handy to have a rough idea of what you would like, but Ariane really does love adding her personal touches to the creations - so please bare this in mind before you come to her with a completed design. Having said that,  don't worry if you don't know what you want, as Ariane will ask a series of questions and work with you to design that perfect outfit!
Ariane loves making people feel comfortable in their own skin... recently she has been getting asked to make garments such as bridal wear, evening wear, red carpet dresses through to lingerie and robes
You may have heard that in the past Ariane made custom Festival clothing, for now this is stopped with Ariane now offering stock pieces in this area.
Ariane's background is lingerie and corsetry design, she loves making technical garments and patterns - challenge her! Not all garments that Ariane has made feature on this site, or have even had photographs publicly released of them. That's because the items are made for YOU... if you want to keep your garment a surprise until you wear it Ariane is happy to honor that - just let her know. 
How long does a custom garment take to be completed?
This really depends on the type of garment you are ordering, the level of detail and fabric availability (does Ariane have the fabric in stock, need to order it or source it). As a guide we say 6 to 12 weeks - but we will only confirm custom orders after a conversation to establish these facts first. 
Can a rush custom order be made?
Please send us a message, and we will be able to advise our current workload / if we can rush a garment through for you
What is the process of ordering a custom garment / outfit?
Please use the 'Get Intouch' section to send an enquiry, once this is received we will respond and ask a few questions about the type of garment or outfit that you are looking for. Once we have established the design, we will be able to proceed with body measurements - this will either happen at a fitting in Ariane's Shoalhaven studio, or via you sending them through. If you need to send measurments to Ariane she will guide you with how to take them 


Does Ariane make garments for men?

Yes! Some of the most fun outfits Ariane has made recently have been for her male clients. These have ranged from waistcoats, and jackets with tails right through to tracksuits, holographic shorts and leggings. Some of Ariane's most creative designs have been when she's created the Bride and Grooms outfits for weddings (including the bridesmaids and groomsmen too!). 


What fabrics does Ariane use?
Ariane has spent many many hours, weeks and years working on sourcing her fabrics, establishing suppliers and acting as a magpie for all things pretty... she respectfully asks you not to ask the question of 'can I know your supplier', as this is not information that is going to be shared. She is however, happy to tell you, that as often as possible she does support other small businesses and tries to ensure that her components are to the highest quality possible for their purpose


Why are sequin garments more expensive than holographic?
This is for a mix of reasons - which include (but not limited to) the initial cost of the sequins is higher than the holographic. They blunt blades and cutting wheels, and also break needles in the sewing machines, meaning that there is a higher usage of consumables to make these garments. The construction of these garments usually requires a lining fabric (regardless of the style of item), this is due to the back of the sequins often feeling like they may be rough against the skin (and we don't want anyone to be uncomfortable while looking fabulous!). All of this together may make you think that the sequin fabrics are not worth using for your special item... Nooooo.... you could not be more wrong! The finished result of these garments is never disappointing, and Ariane is happy to continue this labor of love to help spread the sparkles!


Will Ariane use my own fabric to make an item for me?
Maybe. Ariane has spent a long time developing her fabric sourcing, to make sure that the fabrics she uses are the correct ones for the purpose she is using them for. You are welcome to ask about your fabrics and bring them to a consultation. Ariane will not be responsible for any garment imperfections due to using fabric provided by you. If the quality of the fabric doesn't 'last', or you are disappointed by the final look of the garment, Ariane is not responsible for this. Please note, that by bringing your own fabric(s) you may also be charged similarly to as if Ariane has sourced the fabric. This is because some fabrics require additional construction methods or processes due to fraying and being of a lower construction value 
Dependent on your garments and design, we will advise you as to if we need fittings during the process of making the garments. These will take place at Ariane's studio in the Shoalhaven or via video call  
I cant get to Ariane's studio - can I still order a custom garment?
Yes! We are able to send you detailed information re: the measurements that we need from you - please use a dressmaker's tape measure to do these. It is highly recommended to ask someone else to take the measurements for you, while standing in from of a mirror (to make sure the tape is straight). Please take care with these measurements, as your garment will be made to these. More information on this process can be provided if you would need this service.